While we hope that safety is practiced every day, there still lies room for unexpected situations. In cases like these, it is extremely important to acknowledge what is going on and to take proper action in keeping yourself, as well as others, safe.

Below is a link that will give you some insight and guidance as to what the safest procedures are in an unexpected situation. While we understand it is a very busy time of the semester, taking a few minutes to watch the video could make a huge difference.



Ethics and Leadership Panel Discussion

We are pleased to announce the Architecture School Ethics and Leadership Panel which represents professionals who have used their architectural education and experience in order to advocate for social, cultural, and sustainability issues. We will be discussing how we define or redefine leadership roles in our society. We greatly look forward to hearing about the paths that each panelist crafted or discovered and their observations of the ways in which change can be effected. There will be a Q&A session at the end of the event. You may also watch the event livestreamed beginning at 11am at: https://live4.academyart.edu/arch-conference/ .


Tides Theatre presents This Is Home on Extended to March 27 and 28 at 8:00 pm

You are invited to attend the Tides Theater performances of ” This is Home” . Combining journalism, poetry, theater storytelling, sound light and culture this innovative piece explores the issues prevalent in the Richmond housing projects in the East Bay. Half price tickets are offered to all Architecture students. When ordering tickets online simply use the promotion code “CIR” (all caps). The event has been extended to March 27 and March 28.

tides theater PURCHASE  TICKETS


Extended 2 NIGHTS: MARCH 27 & 28 8PM           Advance Tickets on sale NOW for Tides Mailing List
Tides Theatre:                                                               Box Office: tidestheatre.org/tickets
533 Sutter Street
2nd floor

Two groundbreaking collaborations with The Center for Investigative Reporting (CIR) are joining forces to explore the intersection of live performance and hard-hitting journalism at Tides Theatre this March. StoryWorks (theater) and Off/Page (poetry) are developing a show that will present an unforgettable look at one of the worst housing projects in America. This immersive production – taking place March 20-22 – will delve into the lives of several Richmond, California teens, who are attempting to make sense of these challenging situations through an innovative artform that combines journalism, poetry, theater, storytelling, sound, light and culture.

Sourced from Amy Julia Harris’ Richmond housing investigation, the live program looks to analyze the concept of home through the daily experiences of Richmond residents living – and surviving – amid atrocious living conditions in the Hacienda and Nevin housing projects.

Under the direction of Tide Theatre’s Jennifer Welch and Off/Page Director Jose Vadi, the performance will be written by three young poets from Richmond: Donte Clark, Deandre Evans and William “Peeps” Hartfield-Peoples. The poets joined Harris in the field last year, interviewing sources and walking through dilapidated, mold-infested buildings. In the March performance, audiences will experience a dramatized version of their impressions, which were originally explored in the the Off/Page short film ‘This is Home.’

THIS IS HOME will be a multidisciplinary presentation incorporating the many multimedia components produced in conjunction with the investigation – assets created in collaboration with CIR, Off/Page, Tides Theatre, KQED and the San Francisco Chronicle.


 Tides Theatre 533 Sutter Street, San Francisco


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Lecture by Clare Cooper Marcus on Friday, March 29 at 1:30 pm – 601 Brannan

Please join us for a lecture by Clare Cooper Marcus on Friday, March 28 at 1:30 PM in 601 Brannan, Room 201

Clare Cooper

Clare Cooper Marcus is Professor Emeritus in the Departments of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley. She is internationally recognized for her pioneering research on the psychological and sociological aspects of architecture, land-use planning and landscape design – particularly urban open space. Marcus has conducted many open space studies and evaluations of place design and place use by the means of observation. She has been particularly concerned with the distinguishing elements of public spaces such as gardens around hospitals, care homes, and public housing estates; environments for children and pubic open spaces.

Mediation Society presents Resolving Construction Disputes in Real Time – March 13th – 8 to 9 am

ET Mediation

Joe Keating, C.E. Civil Engineer and Licensed Contractor, graduate of the Colorado School of of Mines, is the Owner of Keating Associates, in Placerville, CA and has worked as a consulting engineer of 40 years in heavy construction specializing in underground construction projects and hydroelectric developments. He has worked for owners, contractors and engineering providing feasibility reports, estimating, value engineering firms providing feasibility reports, estimating, value engineering, claim services, technical advisory boards, and project planning. He is a chartered member of the Dispute Resolution  Board Foundation and has been an instructor at numerous DRB training sessions.

Elizabeth Tippin is an attorney and neutral specializing in the resolution of commercial and construction disputes. Her experience includes representing A/E/C companies and the resolution of complex multi-party construction disputes, including highway, pipeline,public an private vertical construction, mixed use and residential projects. She has resolved over 1000 disputes as a mediator, arbitrator and Administrative Law Judge, and is currently serving on a Dispute Resolution Board for a transportation center in Southern California. She is a member of the American Arbitration’s Commercial and Construction Panels. She has lectured on construction, business planning, risk management and dispute resolution for the ABA, the AIA, and at several universities.She is the former President of  the Mediation Society, form Chair of the BASF Arbitration Committee, and a member of the Dispute Resolution Board Foundation.